we are Greta and Zulfi Moon. Our collective background covers fashion, interior design and a fair share of retail and hospitality. Now our personalities are at the opposite ends of the spectrum, however ... Our sense of humour is the super glue!


we created andthen.design as we never threw away any of our cut offs from the fabrics that we used, so instead of buying more we wanted to reuse what we had and believe this is the way forward for us!


we always get requests for custom pieces, and if you know of vel-oh, we have created a number of collaborations.

our aim for andthen.design is to collaborate, design and make products with other brands to help them reduce their footprint, and in turn offer you some unique pieces, that are literally one of a kind. Boom.

whats next

we will still keep our core collection of products, however everything produced under andthen.design are limited and we shall only be releasing 4 unique collaborations per year.