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Firstly if you're on this page, thank you! The fact that you have an interest in working with the two of us is amazing. Below is what we're looking for at the moment if you think it sounds like you, then send us that email and please do make it a bit more then just your CV, let us know (in your own words) why you'd like to work with us and how you think you could contribute :)

Brand Collaboration

If you feel the your brand ethos is inline with ourselves, and would be keen to discuss a possible collaboration, we would be over the moon! Feel free to reach out.

PR - paid on results

We're looking for a someone in the PR field who would understand what we're about and work towards getting the correct exposure. This isn't a full-time job, although you could make it a full-time job if the results were frequent enough! Get in touch for more details if this is something you'd be interested in!

Submit a journal entry

If your a keen writer and want your articles to be seen, and more importantly your values align with ours, then please do submit your articles and we will showcase them on our journal page


In case you missed the big bold letters above the contact details for any applicants