hive minds

We are super humbled that you are considering in collaborating with us.
Thank you!

You have no doubt taken a look at our site, maybe read our origin story, and why we have moved in this direction and you're still reading, so thats a plus. We would love to understand what you folks are working on and how we could take a look at your excess, and see if we together can come up with an amazing design, make it and set it free into the world!

We do have pointers that we would want to tell you about..

1: Anything we collaborate, and make together, would sell a limited number of these on our website.

2: We are only looking to collaborate with a number of brands and projects within a year. Ideally we would like to work with 4 brands per year. This would give us all time to work together on the concept, design and manufacturing before release

3: Our collaborations would be on a first come basis

4: As we're an ecom/ design house, we would promote the launch to our database, through the usual channels and our VIP subscribers would have early access to this collaboration (could be a day, or two before launch), that would be up to you folks to let us know how you feel about it.

Thats it!

So whats next? You can email us

Or reach out to join our slack channel, and we can start the ball rolling in there